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Chopstick rests Tsunagu (TOMIOKA×YOnoBI)

Chopstick rests Tsunagu (TOMIOKA×YOnoBI)

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[Beautiful Chopstick Rests Designed to Emphasize the Fine, Simple Details]

These chopstick rests are a part of the Tsunagu (tie) series, with a simple and modern design. Square and round cut-out patterns of cherry bark are arranged nicely on the surface of these cypress wedges. The cypress and cherry bark creates a beautiful contrast, They are slightly curved at the end where the chopsticks rest, preventing chopsticks from rolling. Its design gives off a warm feeling of wood. The cherry bark patterns on the sides stand out when chopsticks are placed in the center. The chopstick rests are washable, as they are fully coated.

[Traditional craft] Kaba-zaiku (Akita Prefecture)
[Size] W45×D25mm×H10mm
[Material] Cypress, Wild cherry bark, Urethane lacquer

Handling of kabazaiku products

Do not leave the product in direct sunlight, near a heat source such as a stove, or in a humid place.

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