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Seasoning container kaba no shato (Yukio Hashimoto)

Seasoning container kaba no shato (Yukio Hashimoto)

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[3 seasoning containers stackable with magnets]

This is a three-cube stackable container for seasonings. When stacked, it appears like the Leaning Tower of Pisa! It may look like a nest of boxes, but its feature is that you can pile the cubes up into a slanted tower. Because each box has magnets that connect them, it can stand despite its unstable appearance. Each cube can be used as isolated seasoning containers, and the magnets allow you to easily put the cube back into its leaning tower form. This seasoning container satisfies with both good design and functionality. 

[Design] Yukio Hashimoto
[Traditional Crafts] Kaba-zaiku (Akita Prefecture)
[Size]  W35×D80×H125mm
[Materials] Wild cherry bark, Natural wood, Magnet, Polyethylene, Urethane lacquer

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Do not leave the product in direct sunlight, near a heat source such as a stove, or in a humid place.

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