Shipping policy

● Shipping charges

Domestic shipping>

Hokkaido 1,370 yen (including tax)

Tohoku 1,150 yen (including tax)

Kanto/Shinetsu 1,260 yen (tax included)

Chubu/Hokuriku 1,370 yen (tax included)

Kansai 1,480 yen (tax included)

Chugoku 1,590 yen (tax included)

Shikoku 1,590 yen (tax included)

Kyushu 1,810 yen (tax included)

Okinawa 2,250 yen (tax included)

Free shipping on purchases over 11,000 yen (including tax) (excluding isolated islands)



1g to 500g $59.00 USD

501g to 600g $63.00 USD

601g to 700g $67.00 USD

701g to 800g $71.00 USD

801g to 900g $75.00 USD

901g to 1,000g $79.00 USD

1,001g to 1,250g $90.00 USD

1,251g to 1,500g $99.00 USD

1,501g to 1,750g $109.00 USD

1,751g to 2,000g $118.00 USD

2,001g to 2,500g $136.00 USD

2,501g to 3,000g $154.00 USD

Free shipping on purchases over 150USD


<United Kingdom>

1g to 500g £38.00 GBP

501g to 600g £41.00 GBP

601g to 700g £44.00 GBP

701g to 800g £47.00 GBP

801g to 900g £50.00 GBP

901g to 1,000g £53.00 GBP

1,001g to 1,250g £60.00 GBP

1,251g to 1,500g £67.00 GBP

1,501g to 1,750g £74.00 GBP

1,751g to 2,000g £81.00 GBP

2,001g to 2,500g £93.00 GBP

2,501g to 3,000g £106.00 GBP

Free shipping on purchases over £125.00 GBP


<France, Germany, Italy>

1g to 500g €44.95 EUR

501g to 600g €47.95 EUR

601g to 700g €51.95 EUR

701g to 800g €55.95 EUR

801g to 900g €58.95 EUR

901g to 1,000g €62.95 EUR

1,001g to 1,250g €70.95 EUR

1,251g to 1,500g €78.95 EUR

1,501g to 1,750g €86.95 EUR

1,751g to 2,000g €94.95 EUR

2,001g to 2,500g €109.95 EUR

2,501g to 3,000g €124.95 EUR

Free shipping on purchases over €145.00 EUR


● Shipping Methods


Delivery by shipping courier




● Delivery time


As a general rule, we do not accept delivery date and time specifications.

The package will arrive within 2 to 3 days after completion of delivery (excluding remote islands).

Please note that this does not apply in areas where natural disasters or large-scale events have occurred.


Please check the tracking service of the international mail service.


● Damage during shipping

We will take great care not to damage or dent the outer packaging when preparing for shipment, however, there is a possibility that the product may be damaged during transportation due to mishandling from the shipping courier or unexpected trouble.

Please allow for scratches and dents on the outer box to the extent that they do not interfere with the use of the product.