Yukio Hashimoto

Many famous designers have provided designs for Tomioka Shoten Kabazaiku.
This time, Mr. Yukio Hashimoto is featured.

The Encounter of Kabazaiku and Mr. Yukio Hashimoto

In July 2009, the "Akita no Hikari" project started in Akita Prefecture with Mr. Watanabe of YOnoBI as the producer, with the theme of "Traditional crafts one step ahead".
The designer appointed was Mr. Yukio Hashimoto, who has worked on spatial design for famous architecture both in Japan and overseas.

The purpose of the project was to create a product that fused the latest lighting technology LED and traditional crafts at the time, so lighting was the first product designed by Mr. Hashimoto.
*Currently, this product is no longer available.

After that, according to Mr. Hashimoto's words, "Let's make something cool," many new items were born by combining Mr. Hashimoto's free and humorous ideas and craftsmanship.

Yukio Hashimoto

Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1962.
1986 Graduated from Aichi Prefectural University of Arts, Department of Design.
Graduation production purchase.
After working at Super Potato Co., Ltd., established Yukio Hashimoto Design Studio in 1996.
He has received numerous awards, including the Nashop Lighting Contest Excellence Award, the JCD Excellence Award, and the Illuminating Engineering Institute of North America IIDA Award of Excellence.
Part-time lecturer at Showa Women's University and Aichi University of the Arts.
His publications include "LED and Magewappa - Evolving Traditional Design" (published by Rokuyosha).

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Yukio Hashimoto Design Products


A masterpiece of birch work designed by Mr. Yukio Hashimoto

At the Frankfurt trade fair "ambiente" held in February 2012, the beauty of the contrast between the cherry bark and Akita cedar caught the eye of a Dior buyer, and the tray became a supplier.

It is a particularly popular item among Mr. Hashimoto's designs, not only for its beauty, but also for its light weight.

It has also been broadcast on NHK BS Premium documentary "Ippin", NHK "News Sibu 5 o'clock", and many other media.

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【樺細工×大館曲げわっぱ】 茶筒 makimaki (橋本夕紀夫)


A beautiful tea caddy that combines Odate Magewappa and birch work

As Mr. Hashimoto said, "It's okay to have something that's hard to use," it's a one-of-a-kind design full of playfulness.

The lid is somewhat difficult to close, which is a charm.

Mr. Hashimoto also has a unique product name that uses cherry bark and Akita cedar.

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A product born from a mysterious sketch of a tea canister with branches The design that combines the functionality of a leaf-shaped tea whisk integrated into the main body and the warmth of birch work is unique to Yukio Hashimoto. Makes you feel respect for

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A plate that will test how to use it The design with a twist is named after a baseball slider.
Although it is made of a single board, the layout of cherry bark and Akita cedar creates an optical illusion as if two boards were pasted together.
Can also be used as a teacup, saucer, or rug.
It is a plate that I want you to use freely twisting what to put.

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トレー 開花 (橋本夕紀夫)


A tray created through collaboration between Dior and Mr. Hashimoto
A special item designed by Yukio Hashimoto after receiving an order from Dior. Named from the image of flowers blooming on all sides.

This item has a beautiful contrast between Akita cedar and kabazaiku.

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heart-shaped tray

Try to find an angle that looks like a heart

An easy-to-use small tray derived from the early drawings of kasanegasane.
Due to the difficulty of flattening the bottom plate's cherry bark and cedar glued parts, I once gave up on making it, but as time went on, my technical skills improved, and I finished it with the skill of the craftsman through trial and error.
The product name comes from Eiichi Otaki's famous song "Heart Joke no Orange".

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A vase that imitates a tree branch <br/>Inspired by a dead stock glass tube, I created a vase that looks like a wild cherry branch.
It can be said that the man-made objects with warm nature are the true value of Yukio Hashimoto's design.

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A pasta case with a lid that opens easily <br/>This pasta case was designed to be used in more everyday situations, as the number of users of kabazaiku has gradually increased overseas.
It combines pop and practicality with a strong presence, and has gained a reputation not only overseas but also in Japan.

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We introduced many products designed by Mr. Hashimoto.
Were there any items you were interested in?

Just like the humorous design, Mr. Hashimoto himself is a charming person who likes alcohol and karaoke.
It is a good memory now that the two of us had an English singing contest, which I can't say I'm very good at.

It is one of the most stimulating and enjoyable moments when a designer and craftsman make a living out of traditional crafts, but a new product is born through this sort of question-and-answer dialogue between a designer and a craftsman.

Since collaborating with Mr. Hashimoto, other designers have followed suit, and bolder and freer designs continue to emerge.
Stay tuned for the next designer introduction!

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