About Tomioka Shoten


Philosophy of Tomioka Shoten

As a manufacturer of Kaba-zaiku crafts (cherry bark crafts), a nationally designated traditional craft, we, Tomioka Shoten, disseminate the value of crafts, which can be said to be a unique kind of craft, not only in Japan but also to the world. We aim to be a company that contributes to people's rich lives through the affluence of continuing to use "one in a lifetime" products.


Kaba-zaiku is grown in the land surrounded by mountains.
The bark of wild cherry trees, which is the raw material for kaba-zaiku, is harvested through a process called "renewal" that protects the mountains.
The Japanese began to use wild cherry tree bark in the early Jomon period, and it has been used in various ways, leading to modern kaba-zaiku.
Protect the mountains, live on the gifts from the mountains, and protect the mountains again.
Our ancestors carefully protected and nurtured these mountains.
We will continue to protect and nurture this culture of “living with the mountains” so that we can pass on this rich blessing to the next generation.

mountain and kaba-zaiku

At Tomioka Shoten, we collect bark from wild cherry trees in the woods where forest renewal work (mainly felled trees are used as raw material for pulp) is carried out.
From the end of the rainy season to around September, craftsmen go into the mountains to search for wild cherry trees in good condition and collect the bark.
In addition, the felled wild cherry blossoms sprout, and after 20 to 30 years, they will stand up and multiply several times, leading to the preservation of forests and the maintenance of local industries.