44 anti-ageing recipes_No.1_Spinach Samosa

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New project, a total of 44 anti-ageing recipes are presented together with serving dishes using kaba-zaiku.

We hope that everyone interested in cooking will enjoy our anti-aging recipies and our Kaba-zaiku tableware.

Spinach is rich in vitamins, magnesium, zinc, and other nutrients that aid in anti-aging.  Also, cumin and ginger in curry powder have anti-glycation properties. Samosas are a staple of Indian cuisine, but they can be easily made with spring roll wrappers. Spicy and appetizing, the samosas are mellowed with cheese. 


<Ingredients> For 2 servings
30 g spinach
1/2 potato
50 g mixed cheese
1/2 teaspoon cumin powder
Salt and pepper to taste
2 spring roll wrappers
A pinch of cone starch
A little water
2 caps of Salad oil
Curry powder to taste


<How to cook>
1. Wash spinach and cut into 2 cm lengths.
2. Boil potatoes and mash roughly.
3. Mix steps 1 and 2, stir in mixed cheese and cumin, and season with salt and pepper.
4. Cut the spring roll wrappers lengthwise into 3 equal pieces.
5. Fold the wrapper into a triangle (cone shape) and fill it with the 3 ingredients. Then continue to fold it as a triangle and use cone starch dissolved in water as a glue to keep the wrapper closed.
6. Heat salad oil to 180℃ and deep-fry the spring rolls until crispy on both sides.
7. Serve with a mixture of curry powder and salt.

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