SHOTEN KENCHIKU, July 2024 issue

Kaba-zaiku wall panels

Tomioka Shoten, which mainly does Kaba-zaiku with a focus on tea canisters and interior accessories, has released the 「Sensitive Wall Covering Panel」 a wall panel made from the upcycled bark of Yamazakura trees (wild cherry bark) that have nowhere to go because they cannot be used. The panels, which are made of natural materials and each have different expressions and patterns of wood, are available in nine different shapes such as KATANA,YUMI, TESSEN, and KABUTO, as well as two types of finishes- polished and raw.
By arranging them vertically or horizontally, they can be displayed in various ways.
They were designed by Mauricio Clavelo Kozlovski.

Tomioka Shoten
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