44 anti-ageing recipes_No.7_〜 Flourless 〜 fondant chocolates

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                                                  New project, a total of 44 anti-ageing recipes are presented together with serving dishes using kaba-zaiku.

We hope that everyone interested in cooking will enjoy our anti-aging recipies and our Kaba-zaiku tableware.
                                                    Easy to make fondant chocolate with only 3 ingredients.
It is a low-sugar, gluten-free dessert that does not contain flour or additional sugar.
Use a slightly larger bowl to make the inside more tender.

Anti-aging foodstuffs   Cacao

<Ingredients> For 2 servings

100g chocolate* 
2 beaten eggs
40 g unsalted butter
Powdered sugar to taste
*Chocolate the type of chocolate depending on your desired sweetness.

<How to Cook>

1.Break the chocolate into small pieces, combine with the butter, and microwave in a 500w microwave oven for 1 minute.
2.Mix the ingredients from step 1 well and fold in the beaten egg in 3 parts.         
3.Put the mixture into a cocotte dish and bake in the oven at 180°C for 12 minutes.
4.Sprinkle with powdered sugar, if desired.

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