44 anti-ageing recipes_No.12_Spaghetti Squash with Somen Noodles

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New project, a total of 44 anti-ageing recipes are presented together with serving dishes using kaba-zaiku.

We hope that everyone interested in cooking will enjoy our anti-aging recipies and our Kaba-zaiku tableware.
Spaghetti Squash is characterized by its crispy texture and noodle-like pulp when boiled.
Spaghetti Squash is low in calories and high in potassium, vitamin C, and folic acid, so it can be expected to reduce swelling, boost immunity, and beautify the skin.
Vinegar and kabosu juice are used to give it a refreshing flavor.

Anti-aging foodstuffs   Spaghetti Squash

<Ingredients> For 2 servings

1/3 Spaghetti Squash
2 tablespoons sushi vinegar
2 bunches somen* noodles
Dash of myoga (Japanese ginger)
1 kabosu (lime or lemon can be used instead) 50cc kelp soup stock
30cc mentsuyu (noodle soup base)
2 tablespoons sushi vinegar

*Somen is thin wheat noodles. Angel hair spaghetti can be another option.

<How to Cook>

1. Cut the Spaghetti Squash gourd into round slices, remove the seeds and fibrous parts, and boil until thoroughly cooked.
2. Place in cold water and break it becomes stringy.
3. Drain the pulp and combine with separately boiled and cooled somen noodles.
4. Mix with kabosu juice, kelp broth, mentsuyu, and sushi vinegar.
5. Arrange the noodles in a serving bowl, top with finely chopped myoga and pour over the soup from step 4.

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