Our new brand, [KAVERS] is introduced in BIG AKITA (VOL.448)issued by
Business Information Center of Akita Prefecture.

[KAVERS] technique is applied to various products.

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The following is the process of [KAVERS].

1.Bark scraping
Wild cherry bark is watered and steamed with a heated trowel to soften
and flatten the material.  Its surface is then scraped with a wide knife
for a glossy look and even color.

2.Bark gluing
Nikawa (glue) is applied to the surface of the wild cherry bark and
natural wood and then dried. After that, they are pressed and glued
together with a trowel heated at about 200 degrees Celsius.

3. Fine engraving
Japanese traditional patterns are engraved into the Cherry bark.

4. Coloring
The cherry bark is decorated by applying Japanese traditional colors,
sprinkling metal powders, or inlaying mother-of-pearl.

The surface is polished with sand paper to bring out embossed patterns.

Finally, the surface is coated with urethane lacquer for an elegant touch.