A uniquely designed vase that projects a harmony of cherry-bark craft and flowers

This is a T-shaped vase for a flower, made by combining two tubes of Kaba-zaiku. Despite its unstable appearance, it has a weight inside of the vase, which allows it to stand steadily. When a flower is placed, you will see that the simple art of straight lines enhance the beauty of curvaceous flowers. Because the cherry bark itself is a natural product, it creates a harmony between the flower and the Kaba-zaiku. Even without placing a flower, this product can be used as a Kaba-zaiku sculpture. 

【Design】Yukio Hashimoto
【Traditional craft】Kaba-zaiku(Akita pref.)

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Aditional Information
Use Flower vase
Materials Wild cherry bark, Plywood, glass tube, Lead, Urethane lacquer
Size W120×D75×H200mm
Weight 280g

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